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In this video, we're going to talk about menus in site navigation. Without good navigation, people won't be able to find all the excellent content on your website. I can't stress enough how important quality site navigation is. Don't just throw something together. Think about it, plan it out and make a structure when building it you don't even have to put the content into your pages just get the pages there so that you have a metal sitemap then you know where things are going to go let's take a look at how to make menus in WordPress under appearance menus this is where we make them we have none right now so let's make one I will call it primary nav you can call it anything you want they won't show up on the front to the website and now we have a primary menu with nothing in it over here our site pages posts custom links and categories if we open up screen options you'll see that we can also put in submissions tags and format there are some other things here too and we'll take a look at those in a minute so now let's do pages let's put the news in there now if we open this up we can see the title and we can see where it's linking and we could move or cancel under screen options we can add to that a link target so we could open it in a new tab if we wanted a title attribute CSS classes so that we could target this specifically if we wanted to a link relationship so that we can connect it to another place and optionally a description the description is only displayed in the menu if the theme supports it some do some don't you'll have to test your theme I also want to put in an attractions link so that in one menu I can link to the museum the zoo in the aquarium etc but I don't have that page so I'm going to click save menu go to pages and new attractions and simply click publish and now at some other time I can come back and fill out the content for this page or someone else could, anyone could. But I need it right now for my menus, so now I'm going to click aquarium, zoo, museum and attractions and click Add to menu. Now they're all right there, next to each other, in a row. I'm going to click Save menu and now this menu isn't showing anywhere on the site, yet I can show you that. Simply reload and there's nothing. Themes have what's called menu positions so we can put this menu either in the footer or the main menu. I'm going to click main menu and now there it is. The problem is we don't want zoo, museum and aquarium right there at the top of these others so all we have to do is drag them slightly to the right and it turns them into sub items. If we want to do this alphabetically, I can drag aquarium to the top and now click Save menu. Now if I reload it makes drop-down menus alphabetical. Now that's also related to the theme. Not all themes utilise drop-down menus and so, in some cases, you might make a drop-down menu here and it simply won't show. That's entirely up to the theme. Our theme happens to do it very nicely. So now let's also add civics, map and feedback. I like having civics here and I like having feedback last on my sites - just a personal preference. There we are. Now there's a page under civics home safety. If we add that then we can drag it right up here, put it here and save menu and there it is. Now you don't have to have every page that you own in your navigation. There are a variety of options, for example, you may recall that there is a custom menu widget so we could create a new menu and call it attractions. Then we could take the museum, the zoo and the aquarium, add them, save and choose not to put it anywhere at all. Then if we go to widgets, we can do custom menu, call it attractions and hit save and there we have our attractions menu. Now one more thing about widgets. Even though this is the widgets video, there are plugins you can get that allow you to say right here what page you want the widget to be on so you can fill up your sidebar but the widgets will only show on certain pages. So we could make the attractions show only when on the attractions page and we could make these blog widgets only show on the news page. We have one more option for menus. Let's choose our primary nav. Again, we can also put it in the footer menu. So now that it's in header. The footer: if we reload, you'll see down here at the very bottom there's our navigation. So if you end up with a very long page, you may not want people to have to go all the way back up to the top to find your navigation. They can find it also down here. But you'll note that the dropdowns do not work in this one. That's why it might be useful to have it so that when they click attractions, the sub nav is right there. I'd like to reiterate how important site navigation is. Not only do your users use it, but Google reads it. It's how Google crawls your website, it's how it knows what's important, it's how it knows the structure of your website. So be sure to think carefully about how you build it, what's in it and how easy it is for people to use.

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