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In this video, we're going to take a look at a special plugin called jetpack. Jetpack is what's known as a meta plugin because it's actually multiple plugins in one. Let me show you what I mean. If we go to features and pricing, here on jetpack, come and scroll down. You'll see that it has built-in functionality for traffic growth, security, site management, content creation and there are even a few paid options for backups and things like that.
Now one of the things that makes jetpack so special is that you actually tie your own blog to an account at and you gain access to the power of their servers. Many of the things that jetpack does are very system-intensive and they would really make your server work hard.
Jetpack takes that work over to the servers, does the work and brings the results back so that your server gets all the advantages without any of the hard work. A server that's working hard is not serving pages to visitors very fast. Let me show you an example. This is a blog post. It's actually just a photograph. What I would like is to have related posts so that other photography links on the same site are listed here.
Here's the admin area for that site and I'm going to go to jetpack, settings, then I'm going to go to engagement and right here is related posts. I'll just turn that on.
Now the reason that related posts is extra system-intensive is that, to do it properly, the plugin needs to read through all of your posts and then do some pretty crazy algorithmic work to figure out how they're related. That's not too bad when you have ten posts, but when you have a hundred or a thousand or 10,000, it gets very hard. So WordPress takes your content over to their servers, reads through it, figures out what's related and comes back with the answers.
So now that this is turned on, let's reload this page and right here is a related section. We can click over to this flower, which isn't actually a flower at all. Jetpack can do lots of other great things like site stats. It's similar, in theory, to Google Analytics but because it has access to the actual code of your site, it can get some different data. It can tell you how many views per day, where your referrers are, top pages and posts and lots more information. You can even click over to and get more information.
Jetpack can provide you with a great many plugins to really enhance how easy it is to maintain your site and how beautiful it is for your visitors to visit your site.

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