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In this video, we're going to take a look at another way to embed multimedia in your site, but this is multimedia that you find around the internet. The easiest way to explain it is to show you.
I'm going to create a new page about home safety. Safety is important and in word ville we want our people to be safe so I've made this page and I'm going to make it a child of the civics page. So now we have a little text and the video that I want to embed is from YouTube and it's right here. Now they have options for sharing. You can click embed and you could copy this code but you don't actually need to with WordPress. I'm going to take the address from right here in the address bar and I'm going to paste it right here and that's it. I didn't do anything to expand the video, it just appeared there.
So now I'm going to click publish and you can see our URL is "/civics/home-safety" because we made it a child of civics. Let's view this page and here it is. We can simply click play. A lot move into making a house a home. You, we, have all the usual YouTube options. We can change quality, we could click to watch on YouTube. I own a chromecast, so I could cast this to my TV or I could go fullscreen. Want to make it comfortable? Of course, but above, now, how did that work in WordPress? It's called oEmbed and it looks like this. oEmbed. All you have to do is paste in a URL. You can do some other things like this and specify things like width and height, but you don't have to. What's extra cool about oEmbed is that it works with all of these sites. There's Flickr, Hulu, Imgur, Instagram, Kickstarter, Meetup, SoundCloud, speaker deck, tumblr, Twitter. They all work.
Let's go grab a few tweets about home safety. Let's pick the home safety UK and we'll do this one so I'm going to click this tweet and now I'm simply gonna grab that URL and we will edit and down below my video I'm simply going to paste the URL and there we are. Now it looks like that. So if I update, go look at my page, there's our video, there is a tweet and again everything works. You can follow, you can favorite, you can retweet and you can reply Oh embed can be a wonderful way to include content from around the internet on your site but you must be careful that you're not breaking copyright.
Not everybody wants you to be able to put their stuff on your site so be sure to read the site and make sure that the permissions are right so that you can use their content on your site being able to embed video, tweets, photos and all of that can really enhance your site.

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