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Alright. Just before we move on to the last section of the course, I thought we'd just clean up our site a little bit. Head over to extensions and module manager and you'll see how I've rearranged all the modules to be in the right positions. Joomla ville banners is now in body bottom; breadcrumbs in body top; about, transportation, attractions and festivals are in left; main menu is in menu, as you know. I put welcome to Joomla ville, latest articles and most read articles in the right module position, along with the login form, and then search went into the top position and so that's how that looks in our module positions. I also went over to templates, OS training breeze and advanced and uploaded a quickie little logo that I created just using a screen capture tool. Not a big deal but this particular template doesn't allow you to use text. It has to have a graphical logo. Most of the templates now allow you to easily use text or image for your logo position but this one doesn't, so I just throw something up and you can see what it looks like.
Right there, that's just [?] in the word Joomla ville. I'd like to do one last exercise before we leave this section of the course and that's to add some modules with some images at the bottom of our site, just to kind of give the footer a little bit of substance. So click close, head over to modules.
Alright, go ahead and click new and custom module and we'll call this 'museum footer'. Go ahead over to OS training dot com slash books slash je slash chapter 7 and download the aquarium image, the zoo image and the museum image. We're going to place those in three banners at the bottom of our attractions page in your module.
Go ahead and upload that Museum's footer and now using jce go ahead and click on that fourth icon from the right in the bottom row and let's put this under attractions and we'll upload those three files altogether. So you can select more than one file here. Click upload and then go ahead and choose Museum 2, because it was renamed, and give it a padding of 5 pixels around the margins. Click insert. Now the trick here will be we only want this to show up on certain pages. So hide the title, footer a, click on menu assignment and, this time, let's go ahead on and select only on the page selected. Select none and then come down to Joomla ville attractions and you'll notice that sub items will be automatically selected. So this will be on every page that's accessed via the attractions menu.
Go ahead and click Save and new. Let's do the zoo footer, since we're on this page as well. Just do it, take care of it here. Go ahead and choose attractions, go back on module and insert the zoo footer. You will see that Joomla remembers what folder we're in - very nice. Click zoom and click five pixels and click insert. This time, put this in OS training Breeze, footer B. Click Save and new and aquarium, hide the title, OS training Brees footer C, insert the image, 5 pixels around it, click insert and once again the menu assignment just on the attractions pages. Click Save and close.
So now head over to your site and go to the attractions menu, scroll down...oops looks like I forgot to turn off the title here, but this does the job. When I click in zoo, the banners are still there. If I click on festivals, the banners are not. Let me just fix that zoo footer, it's a little embarrassing. Hide the title, save and close, and now our banners on the bottom are nicely arranged and perfectly aligned.
If I'm on a mobile browser, you'll notice the banners go to a stacked position, instead. Once again, when you choose a responsive template like this, for Joomla, it just takes care of all of that for you.
Alright, I think our site is looking pretty good and we're ready to finish up.

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