What is a Joomla Template?




If you remember from the introduction, I mentioned that templates are completely separate from your content in a Joomla website and this is a really good thing because I can update my template or the entire design of my site really easily without having to edit any content.
So this is a Joomla template, this is a Joomla template, this is a Joomla template and, hey, this is a Joomla template as well. You can make your website look like anything you want using the sophistication of joomla templates. The template workflow that we recommend is research, download, upload, update your module positions and then modify if necessary, just like any other extension in Joomla you installed templates through the extension manager.
Templates come with different module positions. So you can see from here that this one has top search toolbar header etc., etc. This is another older template with similar module positions. This is one of those templates that just has a ton of module positions. One of the things I'm seeing lately in Joomla template development is that you can move these module positions around, reassign them, reposition them pretty much any way you want through drag-and-drop interfaces. We'll be looking at a simple template in an upcoming video, but this is an area that Joomla really does well. As a reminder, templates don't alter the site content, just the style of your content and positions may change.
Well, where can I find templates? Well, templates are all over the place in Joomla. Just a quick google search turns up a number of sites where you can purchase templates or even download them for free. I'll always recommend checking out the documentation before you just simply install a template, if for no other reason, to make sure that the template you're using is what you want. I'm going to encourage you to check out some of those sites on your own. We're going to be installing a free template in the next video.

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