How to Install Joomla Extensions via "Install from Web"




Back over on your Joomla site, click on extensions and manage and you'll see a button here called add install from web tab. Go ahead and click on that and this adds a whole new functionality for finding extensions. Go ahead and search for jce, so you'll want to make sure that you'll get the actual jce extension because a lot of extensions have add-ons for it. So scroll down and find jce, click on the word jce and you can install it right from here. Go ahead and do that. Quite frankly, this is the first thing most people in Joomla install. It's a much better editor than the one we've been using, so we've installed it. There's a lot of add-ons, there's a whole bunch of configuration. We can't go into that in this class but let's at least turn it on.
Click on system, global configuration and scroll down till you see the default editor and change it to jce. Click Save and close and now go over to your welcome to joomla ville article and you'll see a whole new set of buttons and features in your Joomla editor. As I mentioned, this is one of the first things many Joomla site builders do is to install jce and turn it on. One thing to note, this is configurable and you really shouldn't just leave all the buttons available to everybody but, out-of-the-box, this is just an amazing editor.
One of the things I really love is the image manager. It's far better than the built-in one and it allows you to create folders, do multiple uploads and there's even some advanced features in a paid version. You can install all kinds of extensions that will improve your Joomla experience right from the Joomla extensions directory. There are literally thousands of them and if you can dream it, it's probably an extension that will do it.
The last thing I'll mention about extensions is that not all extensions are free. Some you need to pay for. Even jce, which is free, has some add-on features that you will pay for. Most times you'll find extensions out there for anywhere from five dollars to ten to twenty five maybe even fifty or hundred depending on the complexity of the extension and I don't have time in this video to go through all of those details but once again let me just remind you: if you can dream it, well...there's probably an extension that will do it in joomla.



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