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So Joomla comes with a fair amount out of the box as you've seen: contact manager, language overrides, all kinds of modules that you can use to place information around your site but honestly it's just what comes with Joomla.
One of the awesome things about Joomla is the community and some of those people in the community support Joomla by building extensions. Yes components, modules, plugins, templates and languages. We'll look at templates in just a little bit but I want to introduce you to the Joomla extensions directory, where you can find all of these amazing programs to extend your Joomla site pretty much any way you want and that's found at extensions
When you're looking for extensions, here are the things you want to look for: how is it rated, is it compatible with your version of Joomla, is it commercial or non-commercial and by that I mean are they free extensions or will you need to pay for it. I'll talk more about that in a bit. What kinds of extensions are they, the important links and any reviews and we'll look at that in just a moment.
Scrolling down here you'll see all kinds of categories: access and security, editing, communication, news, display, photos and images, and there are literally hundreds of those, including subcategories. So this is a great place to start looking to extend your Joomla site. I'm going to look at jce as just an example, that stands for Joomla content editor. You'll notice that all extensions have these features. One, they have all of the information over here on the side: the developer, what version it's on, when it was last updated, when it was first added, and this one's been around forever. What kind of extension, is it whether it's paid or free, does it use the Joomla updater and that's important. I really prefer to use extensions that use the Joomla updater so it's basically one click to update. What kinds of extensions are found in the package? In this case, it's a component and a plug-in and what it's compatible with. You'll also see some links here. You'll see how our community has graded this extension if you want to actually see the reviews. You can see all of the latest reviews for the extension and take everything with a grain of salt. Looking at the overall reviews not just one or two of them, jce happens to be one of the most installed extensions for Joomla. Now we're going to install it in just a moment but you can quickly click here to download or here to see a demo and most extensions will have this.
There are two ways to install extensions for Joomla. One is to actually go to the download page and download it onto your computer. All Joomla extensions are stored at their developers websites and that's important. Joomla doesn't store any of these actual extensions here at and, depending on the extension that you're installing, this is probably the easiest way to go but in the next video I'll show you another way to install extensions.

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