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In this video, I want to cover the search component. The search component is a pretty simple search for your joomla site. One of the things I'm going to recommend is that you do not gather site statistics. Use something like Google Analytics for those. Site statistics will just fill up your database and it's not something you probably want. If you do want it, however, well it's easy to fix. You click on options, change gather search statistics to yes, click Save and close.
So now your Joomla site will begin to gather statistics on all of the search terms that people use. Well, of course to have a search bar on your site requires that you actually place one somewhere. This isn't necessarily a menu item although it could be. It can also be a module position.
Let's go ahead and make a menu out of it, though. Click on menus, main menu and add new menu item. Let's call this search, the menu type is search. Under the options here we'll use the global options. The link type: we can have an image here, add some CSS. Page display: we'll turn that to no. Click Save and close.
Hit refresh on your home page, click the search link and now you have the basic search functionality that Joomla provides. Personally, I prefer to use this Smart Search which we'll look at in the next video but, for now, I'm just going to type the word town and you'll see all of the articles with the word town. I can also refine my search by categories, contacts, articles, news, feeds and tags. If I didn't want all of those and I just wanted articles to be searched, well, I can actually turn those off. This is part of the plugins that we'll talk about later but for now head over to extensions and plugins and just filter by the word search.
You have two kinds of search plugins. These are: the smart search plugins and here are the basic search plugins. I'm going to disable categories, contacts and news feeds and then I'm going to hit refresh and you'll notice that I can filter by just articles and tags and that's actually quite helpful.
Now that we've searched for town a couple of times we'll go back over, look at our search term analysis and you'll see that the word town has been hit twice. Once again, this is such a simple thing but it's something I prefer to use Google Analytics for - to make sure the performance of my Joomla site is at its best.
So the search component is really great. I tend to use the Smart Search but if you just need a simple search on your site then this is the component for you.

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