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In this video, I want to talk about news feeds. Go ahead and click on components and news feeds and we create these with the cash workflow, categorise, add and then show with a menu.
First off, click on categories. We of course have an uncategorised category. Click on new and let's call this sports. Once again, you can add meta descriptions, keywords, you can set up a layout with an image and some alt text if you want but it's just as simple to just create the category. Go ahead and click Save and close.
Click on news feeds and click new. Let's get the news feed for ESPN sports and you'll see here we've got the newsfeed link which we'll go and get. We have a description where we can add all kinds of things that would appear at the top of the newsfeed: images, publishing, display and associations. So that's part of languages and, I apologise, I did this video a little later than some of the others so you're not seeing associations and, when we get to the front end, you'll see a more complete site than you have. For the sake of this video, don't worry. It was just done a little later.
If I want to have a first image, a second image I can have those as well, of course, I can set the start and publishing date for this feed as well and add description, some keywords. Well, it's pretty simple to get a news feed. If you just open a new tab and google ESPN news feeds, there they are and we'll just grab the top one, the top headlines. All I have to do is copy that and paste the link. Click Save and close. We'll categorise, add and of course we show with a menu.
Go to menus, main menu, and let's add a new menu item called e-s-p-n. Click on menu type, choose a news feed. You can select all the categories, all the feeds in a category. We'll just select a single news feed for now and we'll click select on the feed. Of course, we only have one. The cool thing here is you can build an entire site of news feeds if you want. Click Save and close and there's our feed.
Head out to your site, hit refresh on your home page. Now, again, remember I'm doing this a little later, and I apologise that the site looks a little different than yours at this point. Click on ESPN and there is your news feed. You can create as many news feeds as you want. You can even build an entire site out of news feeds it's a great little component that helps you build content for your site.

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