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Next built-in component is contacts. Go ahead and click on components and context and here we see the same workflow: categorise, add and then we'll show our contacts.
Let's go ahead and click on categories and let's click a new category and let's call it mayor's office. Click Save and close and, once again, you'll see that the alias here is mayor - office if you want to fix that, go ahead. Go ahead and click on the little 0 here and that will take us to contacts and we're going to create a new contact. Let's call this Mayor Steve. You could link this to a user, if you've got users on your site. You don't need to of course and you need an image well. Go ahead and grab an image from Google or just put a picture of yourself up there for now. I happen to have one of Mayor Steve and there he is. Steve is the mayor of Joomla Ville. His email is Steve at Joomla ville dot org, now again of course that's a fake email address. The address of the mayor's office is five five five Joomla Ville way in Joomla Ville. Steve happens to be in the state of Florida so let's put Florida in there. The zip code is three three 601 and the country is the USA. I'm not sure who has a fax number anymore but we do know that the mayor has a mobile and his office is the same thing. The website HTTP joomla ville dot org. Again this doesn't actually exist, so don't go there. Alright click on miscellaneous information and here's where you get to just put up a little blurb about the person who you're putting up as a contact. Steve is the mayor, he's a great guy. Once again you have your publishing details, start/finish etcetera. Display: you get to choose what part of the contact information you want to display here and then what kind of form will be available for people to email this user. We're going to leave this as the global for now. We'll fix that in just a moment. Go ahead and click Save and close.
So we have one contact in the mayor's office. Of course, we could put everybody from the mayor's office. Our workflow, categorise add and show. Head over to menus, main menu and add new menu item. Go ahead and call it contact us. The type is a contact and will list all the contacts in a category and choose the mayor's office. Once again, all kinds of control here over how the menu is going to work. We can override all of the global properties that we'll set in just a moment, right here at the menu. We're not going to worry about that. Go ahead and click Save and close.
Head over to your site or the home page and now you have a menu item called contact us. Here is the mayor's contact information and if I click on Mayor Steve I go to his actual contact information with a form and miscellaneous information. I don't particularly like that layout. Let's go and update that really quickly.
Head back over to components and contacts and click on options. Once again, just like the article manager, we have a ton of options here. Do I want to enable versions on the contacts? Do I want to show a contact list? What's the display format? I'm going to change that to tabs. I much prefer tabs, and sliders: do I want to show all of that information or hide it? By the way, even if I show the contacts email, it's hidden by a Java Script and you can take a look at all of those. On the form, do I want to use a CAPTCHA? We don't have that turned on but if I did or if, for instance, I installed that really nice new Google CAPTCHA that just has a check mark, it would be here and I could use it right on my form. Do I want to show the contact form? Copy to submitter, are there any banned emails or subjects or text that I don't want to get and where do I want the person to be redirected after they submit a contact form? So go ahead and click Save and close and, although we didn't change very much, we actually changed enough to make this look a lot better. Now I have tabs across the top instead of that kind of strange slider. That's my preference, anyway.
Contacts are amazing and you can use them for all kinds of things. You can build up incredible encyclopedias of information, even using the contact manager. You can also build out great contact databases for even large organisations and so that's the contact component in Joomla.

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