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There's so much more we could do but to close out this section of the course, we've done our cash workflow, categorise, add and show. I can't stress enough: a good content audit is the first thing you should do when you're building your Joomla site. Know what the articles are going to be, what categories they need to go in and the menu structure you'll create based on that structure.
Now the last thing we want to cover in this section is the article options. This used to be called global parameters. I like the word options a lot better because this allows us to set the general options for our entire site but then we can override them at the menu level and the article level, as we've already seen.
In the first tab, articles, we can choose a layout and, generally speaking, unless your template gives you multiple layouts for articles, you'll just get that default on there. Do we want to show the title of the article? Well, that's usually a good thing and we want to link the title well. Again, that's usually a good thing. Do you want to show the intro text? Now this is an interesting feature in Joomla. You can have a completely different introduction in a blog layout, for instance. So whatever it comes before the read more shows up in the blog layout but then when you click on the article whatever's there disappears because you're in the full text layout. I've used this on multiple sites in different ways. That just depends on what you want to do with your site. Where do you want the article information, and that article information is these details. Where do you want that to show up? Above or below the article? Again, that's up to you. This is some of the things I usually show: the category on a blog, but not necessarily on my whole site. So I'm going to change that to hide. Because I'm hiding the category doesn't matter if I link to it or not. Will I show the parent? I'm going to hide that or I'm going to leave that hidden. This is a site, not a blog, so I'm going to hide the author, hide the publication date. Well, leave the navigation. Navigation is what is the next and previous buttons you get in a blog layout but I'm definitely going to leave the voting hidden. I'm going to show the read more and I'm going to show the title with the read more. Google really likes that. That's an SEO thing. I'm going to show the tags at the top of the article but here I'm going to definitely hide the hits because really nobody wants to see those, and I'm going to put the links at the bottom, just in case I ever had any. I'm going to click Save and now, once I hit refresh, watch what happens to the details area.
Boom. It's gone. I don't have any tags in the museum. If I click on Joomla ville overview, you'll now see the tag there at the top and this drop-down allows me to print or email and there you see all of the navigation. So very quickly, across my entire site, I can actually change the look and feel of that layout. Also, here under options, I have an editing layout screen. Do I want to show publishing options, article options, enable versions? We haven't looked at that yet; we'll look at that shortly. That's a fantastic feature in Joomla. It allows me to have version control over every article. On the front end: if I'm going to allow editors to edit the front end, do I want to let them see the images area that we just looked at in the previous video. I almost always turn that to show. In the category section here, the blog layout: I'm going to show the subcategories text, hide the title description and image and how many subcategory levels do I want to go down.
If there are no articles in a particular category, it'll say there's no articles in this category and so on. When I click on categories, top levels description, I can show or hide so if I put a description in any of those categories it would have shown up all the sublevel categories for article category options, empty categories I'm going to hide those. Again, you see the rest. Blog and feature layouts: as you remember, I said one article for intros, two columns and four links. We overrode that in our blog layout but this is the default. If I change this to all it'll show all the sub categories at the bottom of a blog layout. List layouts: what do I want to show and hide here? Display date, display select, filter field, table headings, show date, date format, and this is a fantastic feature in Joomla. You can actually change the format of your date structure to fit better wherever you are in the world. Show hits and show author. Again, if I hide that, hide that, show the publication date, hide the table settings, and hide the select and click Save now.
When I go over to my list, you'll see that the heading is completely gone and if I tried to show the author, I wouldn't have been able to. Unless I overrode it at the menu. Well let's go ahead and put that back. Show the author and table headings and display select. Click Save and now, again, boom. There's my list, back to normal, and I can tell it how many to show so you can see how quickly and easily you can update the look and feel in the layout of your Joomla content. The shared tab here tells me what my sharing options are, integration for feed and finally permissions.
Once again, we'll look at that towards the end of the course. I'll go ahead and click Save and close and you'll remember we've now made some pretty nice changes to our look and feel of our site already with just a few clicks. I'd encourage you to play with those options to see what they all do. Find out what you like the most and especially what's going to fit best for your situation.



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