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Let's quickly add three menu items for our transportation category. Remember the cash workflow: categorise, add and show. I click over here on my category manager, I have a transportation category. I click on my articles, and do a search for the transportation articles. Here they are: airport, bus station and train station. I just need to show them now.
To accurately reflect the goal for the class, we are actually going to add each individual article to the transportation menu.
So over to menus, manage, and add menu. Let's call this Joomla ville transportation and we'll call it a transportation type of menu. Click Save and close. Click on the little 0 here and let's go ahead and add single article menus for each of the articles in the transportation category. You already know how to do this, so go ahead and do it with me. Click new and let's call this bus station. It's going to be articles and single article. Select the article and select bus station. It's already under the transportation menu because that's the menu we're working on. Click Save and new train station, select articles, single, select train station, save and new. Airport. Select articles, single article, select train station, save and close. That's how quickly you can add new menu items to your Joomla site.
Last thing, of course, is to add to a module.
Go back and click on menus and click add a module for this menu. Let's call this gym level transportation and let's put it in the same position, please. Position 8. Click Save and close.
If I head over to my home page and hit refresh, you'll now see joomla ville transportation. I want to put joomla ville transportation up above attractions. However, well...fortunately, Joomla makes that quite simple. You'll see here are the menu modules and, if I want to search for a type, I can just choose menu and it will show me all of the modules for all of my menus. Now it's a simple thing. Click on the ordering button at the top here. Click and drag transportation above attractions and hit refresh and now transportation.
There. We've seen several places now where we can drag to reorder articles, categories and menu items into whatever order we want. Here we've also seen in a category blog and lists that we can order articles in any number of way: by title or date, or even the ordering that we have in our back-end. So Joomla is really flexible in this way.
Alright, in the next video, we're going to clean up our transportation articles and we'll talk about how to insert images in both the WYSIWYG editor and the intro and full text image.

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