How to Use Joomla Featured Articles




While looking at our home page, it's kind of blank, isn't it? Joomla has a great way of handling home page articles and it's called featured articles.
Back over to your article manager, you'll see that there's a menu item here for featured articles and there's nothing featured. You can tell a featured article here in your article manager if it has a little yellow star. That's all you need.
If I go over to my website now, my airport article is going to show up in the home page. Well, that's not really what I want. So, of course, I can just click again, go ahead and do that if you did that already.
Let's create a welcome article for people who come and visit our Joomla Ville site. Go ahead and click new and let's call this welcome to Joomla Ville.
Back over here on our Joomla Ville site, if you scroll down and click on chapter 3, there's text here for a welcome to Joomla ville article. You can quite easily just go ahead and type in your own or, again, use a lorem ipsum generator to do that. I'm going to throw that in there, just like that. Quickly just fix this text up. Joomla ville has lots to do here are some suggestions if you're new to Joomla ville: you can visit the aquarium, you can celebrate with us, and you can get here by the airport, bus station and train station.
Alright so we have our welcome article. The trick here is to make it featured. For here on the right, click yes. Click Save and close. Come back over to home and here's our welcome to Joomla ville article, ready to be featured on our home page and making people feel really good about coming to our site. You can feature as many articles as you want. The thing is it's a manual process to feature articles, so there are other modules and ways of getting content to your home page rather than using the featured article function. We'll talk about that and a little bit later when we talk about modules.

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