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Let's go ahead and create one more menu. So back up to menus and click new. This time, Joomla Ville festivals. Call this a festivals menu type. Click Save and close. I'm doing this one after another. You can do this in any order in the cash workflow.
Go ahead and click on the little zero and let's click new. You want to add a new menu item and let's call this Joomla Ville festivals. Click select and articles. Now, once again, let's just take a quick peek here. I can create a menu link to the archived articles - I hardly ever archive articles - category blog, category list, create articles. That's if you want to allow your editors to create articles on the front end of your site instead of the back end. A link to all the featured articles, a list of all the categories on my site and a single article. Well, the third most popular menu type is a category list. I use this for things like FAQs.
Click on category list, change the category to festivals and click Save and close. Well, you know what we need to do. I'm going to show you a quick shortcut. Back here in my menus manager, I can just click on add a module for this menu instead of going all the way over the other way. So I am now in the modules area and let's call this joomla ville festivals. Select menu is Joomla ville festivals and, once again, let's put it in position 8, please. Go ahead and click Save and close.
Head over to your front page, hit refresh and now you have a menu item called Joomla ville festivals. Go ahead and click on that. This is a list of all the articles in a Joomla ville festivals category. You'll note that there's the title, the author and the hits. I never want to show hits on a website. That's kind of like 1990s. Let's fix that.
Head back over to your administrator. Go back to your Joomla Ville festivals menu and let's go ahead and edit it under list layouts. Let's show the date that it was published, let's hide the hits and hide the author. We don't really need that and, in the article order, let's go ahead and just put it in alphabetical order. You'll notice there's all kinds of other orders that we can use here, including putting it in our own order if we want. Go ahead and click Save and close, and now hit refresh.
Now our list is completely different and you'll see that it's in alphabetical order with the publication date there. Both of these are, of course, clickable and sortable.
So that's a category list. I encourage you to play with those options as much as you want.

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