How to Create Joomla Articles, Part 2




Alright, let's get the rest of our articles set up. We've got 9 to do. This won't take long. Click new and, in this section, we're going to do the attractions category.
So we've got the article and I'm going to grab the zoo text here, copy and paste that in. Once again, if you want to just go ahead and use lorem ipsum text that's quite fine as well. Just make sure you change it to the attractions category. Click Save and new and this is the aquarium. Go ahead and paste some text in for the aquarium. Once again, choose the attractions category, Cick Save and new. The last one is the museum. Now, later on in the course, I'm going to suggest a replacement for this particular WYSIWYG editor that makes this process a lot simpler but, for now, we'll just use the one that's built in change the category to attractions and click Save and close.
I'll show you another trick. So here we have our new article setup. Go ahead and click on search tools and filter by category. Change it to festivals, please. You'll notice we have no festivals articles. Well, go ahead and click new. Now you'll notice that festivals is automatically selected for us. That's a great little tip, speeds everything up quite a bit.
The three festivals we have: New Year's Day, Mother's Day and, of course, Independence Day. Let's start with New Year's Day and grab the text and now click save and new because it's already selected. The correct category Independence Day and finally Mother's Day which, at the time of this recording, we just celebrated. Now I want to show you one quick thing here, once we get this article in. Click save and close and you'll notice that Mother's Day has an alias of mother dash s dash day. That's not really the best but it's something that Joomla does pretty consistently with apostrophes in the title. Go ahead and click on mother's day again and just go ahead and get rid of that between the R and the S. That makes a little bit more sense. Click Save and close and do the same thing for New Year's Day. Click Save and close.
Alright, go ahead and change your category to transportation. Once again, no articles. This won't take long either. We're going to add the bus station, train station and airport and then we'll be done with this section. Click new, bus station, grab some text, and go ahead and paste. Save and new. Train station. Paste that text in and clean up the article. Save and new. Again, you'll notice that the categorie's chosen for us. The last one is airport. Save and close.
Alright, we have our three transportation articles. Go ahead and click clear here and that will bring up all of the articles in our website as shown by the article manager. Once again, Joomla gives you really great tools here to manage your content. I have a client with over 7,000 articles on their website and can you imagine if the search tools weren't provided. This makes it really easy to find the articles you want.
In addition to these search tools, you can also sort by the header. So let's say I wanted to see all the articles I made on a particular date. Well, I can just click on the date, sort by date and then quickly run through my list. Or I can sort by ID or I can sort by title and get everything alphabetically listed. These are fantastic helps in getting your articles all set up.
Now, in the next video, I'm going to talk a little bit more about refining your content. As we talked about, images and tags in your Joomla articles.



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