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Go ahead and click on content, categories and add new category. This is actually pretty simple. Just type the word about and click Save and new. Type the word attractions and then click Save and new, festivals save and new and transportation. Now, before we click Save and close here, note you'll be able to add all kinds of description for each category. You can set up publishing options. This is mostly filled in for you but you can create a meta description and meta keywords for each of your categories. You can even set up permissions and we'll talk about this towards the end of the course. I encourage you to just leave permissions alone for now and we'll cover that later. Then any options if you have layouts or if you want to have an image for a category. Now the way this would work is, if you show a category description or a category title at the top of a list say or at the top of a blog, you can also have an image for that category.
Go ahead and click Save and close. We're now on the categories overview page and you'll note that we have an uncategorised category, about, attractions, festivals and transportation. We have no published articles in any of these. They are all public, they cover all languages and, again, we're only working with one language today. Then there is the ID of the category. You don't usually need that but there are a few extensions out there that will ask you for that.
If you have just a ton of categories here, you can click on the search tools and filter by virtually anything to find the category you want. By status, access, language, tags even, and max levels. If you have more than one page, you can even search by title. This is a really helpful feature but, of course, it's far more helpful in the article section.
One of the little tricks I like to do is to not leave this word uncategorised. I don't like that personally because most websites that I have built usually have some articles that don't get categorised. I like to change this to general. Go ahead and click on the word uncategorised, change it to general and then, over here in the alias, you'll also notice the word uncategorised. The alias in Joomla is what Joomla uses to create the URL, and so it needs to be lowercase, dashes or underscores. No special characters and, of course, no spaces. So go ahead and change this to the word general, all lowercase, and click Save and close.
By the way, if you're not sure what to put there, just delete it and Joomla will auto-generate it from the title. That's true of any category or article. Alright, we have our category set up. In the next video, we'll start to add our articles.

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