The Joomla CASh Workflow




So let's talk about the Joomla workflow, once again. Plan, install and now content. Content has a workflow of its own. We call it the cash workflow: categorise, add and show.
First we categorise our content. We break it down into logical sections of content that we want to present in a similar way, for instance a blog. A blog could be a category on its own and then you might have subcategories, say for technology, web or products even. You can have unlimited nested categories in Joomla once you have your category structure set up. Then you add articles.
The add step and after you've added your articles of course then you show them, usually with a menu. We'll cover all of this as we build out the content of our Joomla website over the next several videos. The first step, then, is to categorise and, as I've mentioned earlier, we've done the planning for you. We're going to create four categories: the about, attractions, festivals and transportation categories. Then, in each category, we're going to place three articles and then finally we'll show all of these with a number of menu items. I'll cover all the different kinds of menus that you can use. Part of this step then, of course, is adding media and we'll cover the media manager as we go through this section as well.
Alright, let's go ahead and set up our categories.



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