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Well, as you may remember from the introductory video, we have a workflow for you: plan, install, content, extend, design, people and manage. In this video, I want to talk to you just a little bit about planning. The really great thing about Joomla is that this workflow can actually be manipulated or changed around a little bit, depending on when you get the content, the design or some of the feature sets you need for your website. Just because I have content as number three doesn't mean you have to have all your content done before you can extend and design your site using a template. In fact, the sooner you get your template onto your site the better but the nice thing is you don't need it until the very end so you can actually be doing content all the way through these steps, even while you're still extending and getting your template ready. One note about number four: extend means adding features to your site that aren't necessarily content related things, like sidebars or special software.
Items like a store or a scheduling system. Those are what we talked about in extend. Alright, let's talk a little bit more.
First off, though, about planning your website. Planning is really the key to a great Joomla site. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, if you don't plan well you're probably not going to execute well and, although Joomla does allow you to work on the fly to a degree, the more you plan the better you'll execute. In fact, not planning kind of makes you look like this [Music]. So planning. It's pretty important for this site.
Today, well, here's our plan. We'll install Joomla and I'm going to give you a couple of options to do that. We'll develop our content and we've created the content for you. We'll extend Joomla using some of the built-in components, modules, plugins, templates and languages, as well as add a couple as we go. We'll add a free template and get the settings to where we want and then finally we'll manage the people workflow using joomla's access control. We'll talk about how to manage and maintain your site.
So we've done most of the planning for you today but, in a Joomla site build, this is what you need to think about. Our plan for the day is to have a site that looks just like this by the time we're done. No, it's not incredibly fancy but it's going to demonstrate all of the main features of Joomla, and teach you along the way how to implement each one. We're building a site called joomla ville and it's a city, well, all about Joomla.

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