Creating account users, roles and restrictions

 To help with the day to day requirements of managing your organisation, JoomlaWired comes equipped with the ability to manage different user groups with varying levels of access.

These are:

  1. Manage Hosting and Domains
  2. Support Access Only
  3. Billing Access Only
  4. Full Access

In this way, one user can be the overall account manager, while you can create a user for the task of paying invoices out to your accounts department, or delegate this out to your clients if you are managing this on behalf of them.

Step 1.

To set this up, please click on your 'Avatar' icon, and select 'Users' from the drop-down menu.

User Menu

Step 2.

  1. Define Roles: On the accounts screen, you can choose a role for each user which will limit what they can see. The 'Full Group Access' will give them full access to every hosting account in that group, while the other will restrict their access. So for instance, if you choose 'Group Support', then the user will only be able to access the support 'ticketing system'.
  2. Account Restriction: If you are managing 'multiple accounts', then this feature is beneficial as it will allow you to restrict your user's to one or more account. This means that Fred can manage account A, B & C while Jill can manage account X, Y and Z.

Step 3.

To add a new user, please click on the green button which will take you to the following screen.