Warp9 Hosting

CMS hosting for those who want to stay ahead of the competition.



Live storage


Backup storage
12 months

£11.55/ mo

£24.55 / mo thereafter

  • 150,000 Monthly visits
    Approximate number of visits based on a standard Joomla installation.
  • 30 Days money back
    Don't forget to use our free trial offer to experience Joomla Wired for 30 days free!
  • Free CMS installations
    Simple one click installations of Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal
  • 3 Full backups
    Backups taken daily, weekly & monthly.
  • Free Backup restore
    Unlimited backup restorations for free.
  • Coming soon Incremental backups
    Check back soon for our one-click backup tool!
  • Inode limit
    An Inode limit indicates the number of files, folders, emails and more on your account.
  • 20% Shared service CPU usage
    For a period longer than 10 seconds.
  • 60GB Bandwidth
  • 512MB Server memory per process
  • 30 Simultaneous server processes
  • 15 minutes Minimum Cron Job interval
  • No Setup fee
    No hidden costs or account setup fees.
  • Free SSL
    Encrypted communications between the user's browser and your website.
  • Parked domains
    Unlimited number of domains that point to the same website.
  • Sub domains
    Unlimited number of domains that can contain separate website.
  • FTP accounts
    Unlimited number of FTP accounts.
  • Email accounts
    Unlimited number of free email accounts.
    • - Mailbox size : 6GB.
    • - Emails sent p/h : 800.
    • - Attachment size : 50MB.
  • MySQL databases
    Unlimited number
    • - Database size : 1GB.
    • - Database table size : 500MB.
    • - Query size : up to 30% of available resources.