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A Wordpress and Joomla hosting providers


JoomlaWired is a specialist WordPress and Joomla hosting providers that demonstrated foresight and industry leadership when it became the UK’s first limited company to specialise in Joomla related matters, following Joomla's fork from Mambo in 2005. They have since applied their considerable and proven expertise to the Wordpress market, providing insightful and reliable hosting, design, support, and development solutions.

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Our Team

A dedicated team for a dedicated hosting service.

Team member


Technical team

Mark is the magnificent master machine mender! He has tech powers other mere mortals can only dream of. There hasn't been a single website issue that Mark hasn't conquered.

When he isn't knee deep in program code and servers, Mark enjoys cycling and photography, but not necessarily at the same time!

Team member


Support team

Paul is our support guru! He has been working with servers for over a decade. If you have a hosting question, Paul will know exactly how to connect you to the solution.

When Paul isn't assisting our lovely Joomla Wired customers he enjoys a good jog in the brisk, cool mornings, with a groovy jam session on his drum kit in the evenings.

Team member


Technical team leader

Andrew is our chief tech wiz! When there is something strange in server town, It's Andrew who you gonna call. There isn't a broken down website alive that he can't fix.

Andrew is quiet and thoughtful soul who enjoys rocking the stage with his community choir.

Team member


Support team leader

Roger is our head honcho over all things support related! If there is a situation going down, you can rely on Roger to see it through to its full resolution.

Roger marvels at the creation of some of the technological inventions that have shaped our recent history; such as the difference engine and the conception of the first computer.

Team member


Support team

Paul is our savvy support sheriff. Rogue website issues don't last long in the World Wide Wild West with Paul on patrol.

When he's not rounding up rebel code breakers Paul immerses himself in the graphic design universe, to satiate his creative hobbies.

Team member


Support team

Matt is our speedy support hero! Matt makes it his business to rescue our customer's websites from dastardly problems and devious site vulnerabilities.

When the super hero signal is unlit, Matt likes to hone his nautical sport skills that could give even a hardened olympian a 'swim' for their money.