Super- fast Joomla Hosting

One thing worth considering when deciding which provider to use is SPEED? In a recent survey carried out by the Social Issues Research Centre, it highlighted that ‘running faster’ and ‘better website navigation’ were the two most popular improvements people would make to Internet sites today!

We understand that the perfect hosting provider needs to offer fast Joomla Hosting with a strong emphasis on up-time. In reply, we would like to let you know what we have done in real-time, to ensure that our Joomla hosting remains fast!

A super-fast network speed

We would like to let you know that our data Centre was independently rated by as the fastest network in the UK, and third fastest network in the World!

Fast Joomla Hosting

The fastest in the UK,  3rd fastest in the World!

The network has multiple, dedicated 10GBit/s port connections with external connectivity providers including TATA Communications, Telecom Italia, Tiscali, Interoute and the London Internet Exchange (LINX) providing, at current levels, over 60 GBit/s of external connectivity in addition to over 200 peering points. As a result of this extensive volume of connectivity the site can facilitate client connections from a standard 100MBit/s speed upto multiple 10GBit/s connections.

Test our network and see how fast you could go?

Some things are more than what you say, they're what you do! And not too often, but every now and then, some things simply speak for themselves. That’s why we have provided two download links so you can see for yourself just how fast our network is and why your visitors won't have to wait!

10 MB download

100 MB download


Solid State Drives (SSD)

100x more throughput and 10x better response time

A solid state drive (SSD), sometimes called a solid state disk or electronic disk, is a data storage device that uses solid state memory to store persistent data. SSDs are distinguished from traditional magnetic disks such as hard disk drives which contain spinning disks and movable read/write heads. In contrast, SSDs use microchips which do not contain moving parts.

Fast Joomla Hosting

Solid State Drive Advantages

The SSD has up to 100x more throughput and 10x better response time than 15K RPM spinning disks. This is because access to the data is faster because there is no read/write head to move and no magnetic platters need to spin up (no latency). On an SSD the data can be read almost immediately!

Super-fast Solid State Database Servers

Super-fast Solid State Database ServersGiving Joomla the power it needs, where it needs it!

All our database servers run with Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) which gives database driven websites like Joomla, the power they need in the place they need it the most!

SSD drives allow more to be done in less time for state-of-art hosting experiences. They boot up quicker, open applications in half the time and transfer data faster than you thought possible. They feel snappier and more responsive thanks to their incredibly fast access latencies.

Fast PHP handlers

In order to run a Joomla site, the server must interpret the PHP code and generate a page when visitors access the website. It interprets the code based on which PHP library you are using, such as PHP 4 or PHP 5. A PHP handler is what actually loads the libraries so that they can be used for interpretation. PHP handlers determine how PHP is loaded on the server.

A high performance alternative

FastCGI is a high performance alternative to CGI. It has the security/ownership benefits of secure PHP (suPHP) in that PHP scripts will run as the actual cPanel user as opposed to ‘nobody’. The difference with FastCGI is that it can drastically save on CPU performance which has tremendous potential for improving performance of application frameworks like PHP.

Faster PHP = fast Joomla hosting

100 times more throughput

In one of our tests the throughput jumped more than 100 times from 22 to 2239 Requests Per Second (RPS) when moving it from CGI to FastCGI. With FastCGI, the platform is no longer bottlenecked.

This is possible due to the interpreters being loaded into the memory, which greatly improves the performance. 



Memory & CPU performance safeguard

Enjoy the full benefits without somebody degrading your speed!

Our Memory and CPU safeguard is designed to ensure that your hosting service remains quick and reliable. It really does make a big difference!

Keeping it fast!

This will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of our service without somebody degrading your website speed by hogging all the available resources (Memory and CPU usage). For the same reasons it will also reduce the effects of a Service Denial Attack on a shared environment and will give you an extra line of defence.

Safeguarding memory & CPU usage

How does it work?

This works by checking the current CPU usages and the number of current users, if the account exceeds the prescribed safeguard then the user visiting the site will be temporarily presented with an illustrated 403 page as seen in the screen-shot.

Leeway is important because we know sometimes clients may experience a heavy load but for the rest of the time, they are relatively quiet so we have catered this into the fair usage safeguard. 

For websites that persistently require an excessive memory and CPU usage, the server will display the illustrated 403 page during the excessive load, which could otherwise result in the loss of service.

If this is continually happening to you don’t worry, simply raise a support ticket and we will discuss the best available options to get you moving.


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