How do I create a user for the database?

I need to create a user that has access to the database; how can I do this task?

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You can create a database user via the control panel (cPanel) tool. The website administrator needs to navigate to the cPanel 'MySQL Databases' panel, and this panel provides the functionality to create a database user.

Navigation path:
Hosting Account->Manage-> cPanel(quick links)->Databases-> MySQL Databases
->MySQL Users->Add New User

On the 'Add New User' section of the page the administrator then enters the user name, password and password (again) and then clicks the 'Create User' button (see picture below step 1).

The new user has to be added to the database, so the administrator then links the user to the database and then clicks the 'Add' button (see picture below step 2).


Roger Clarke
5 years ago
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