How can I check if my Name Server Records are pointing to

I have recently transferred my domain name over to you and I want to check that my Name Server Records are correctly pointing to

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You can do this my preforming a ‘Whois’ lookup on your domain name.

The best tool to use is: from MXToolBox. Next add your domain name to the lookup field (remember to removed www. from your domain name) and click on the button to perform a quick search.

Once the search has completed look down for “Name Server:” in the results.

Please see screen-shot below:


If the records are point to NS1.JOOMLAWIRED.COM & NS2.JOOMLAWIRED.COM then you can be assured that your domain name is pointing correctly to our service.

Flush DNS
At this stage if you can’t view your website on our servers then it’s likely that your computer has cached your old results. This is because most computers that are connected to the internet automatically cache the hostname of the websites you have visited to make reloading the pages faster.

To fix this you simply need to flush your DNS setting. This isn’t very complicated to do and can be don’t within a few seconds. For a step by step guide on what to do, please see:

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