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This is the place where your files live. The greater the disk space the more files you can have.  A fresh installation of Joomla 3x requires 35MB of Disk Space. Our smallest plan starts with 1000MB which is enough to get you up and going. The additional space can be used for customising your Joomla system with a template and extensions leaving you some extra space for managing your e-mails.
Basically 1 file = 1 inode. It's a way of keeping track of the amount of data you are using. This can be anything from: emails, files, folders etc...

Some of our competitors promise "UNLIMITED DISK SPACE" and then impose a stealth inode or service limits on their users. If it looks to good to be true then it probably is!
Bandwidth measures how much data is sent over a connection in a given amount of time. When you connect to your website a small amount of data is downloaded from your website to your computer. The greater the Bandwidth the more visitors you can have.
In simple terms, an FTP Account is the technology used in transferring files from your computer to our web space. This is an essential part of using your web hosting service.

FTP programs exist so that you can make a connection between your computer and our web space.
A sub domain is the portion shown before a domain name, separated by a dot (.)
For example, a domain might look like this:


Whereas the sub domain of this domain might look like this, shown here in bold:

Backups are old copies of your website which you can revert back to if something goes wrong. Including your live version we will store 4 complete versions of your website!
An SSD Drive is a storage device that uses solid state memory to store data. In contrast to traditional magnetic disks, SSDs use microchips which do not contain moving parts. They have 100x more throughput and 10x better response time.

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J! Simple Plans

Cheap & hassle free Joomla hosting. No hidden limitations, just honest & secure hosting.

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J! Pro Plans

Joomla Web Hosting for Businesses. Optimised with super-fast SSD Hard Drives.