You may have noticed that Joomla Wired has launched a new website! Read on for why we made the change and what our new features include.

After over a decade of serving Joomla customers with dedicated hosting solutions we thought it was time to revamp our brand and website to let our customers know how we plan to serve them for the next decade and beyond!

Joomla Wired began as a small plucky hosting company in 2004 with the birth of Joomla itself. Since then, web technologies and hosting requirements have changed considerably and Joomla Wired has been evolving to match our user's growing needs. Now we are launching our next iteration of Joomla Wired's website and administration panel.

In a recent hosting survey the Department for Business found that 87% of small businesses across all sectors had experienced a breach in the last year! In this short blog, we want to show you why Secure Joomla hosting is a vital investment for your business.

Protecting PHP-FPM applications like Joomla!

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is something we use to protect your Joomla system. It provides an easy way to run PHP scripts with different users on the same server.  It provides security because the PHP scripts are not run with the rights of the Super Administrator but with the rights of the account holder.

And because these rights are isolated to each account, someone outside (such as a hacker) cannot infiltrate your account through a vulnerability in someone else’s account, on the same shared server.